We laser cut chequer plate in various metals ranging in thicknesses from 3mm (O/P*) – 10mm (O/P*). (O/P is “On the plane” measurement, or the thinnest part of the sheet)

Aluminium chequer plate offers high levels of grip and corrosion resistance making it particularly useful as flooring for commercial vehicles and trailers, as well as in industrial buildings.

Aluminium chequer plate is also popular in vehicle manufacture, shipbuilding, and marine equipment.

Due to its light weight and durability it is also often used for wall and door protection.

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We laser cut tread plate in these thicknesses

Material Available in
Aluminium Tread Plate 3mm O/P = 4.5mm O/All
4.5mm O/P = 6mm O/All
6mm O/P = 8mm O/All
8mm O/P = 10mm O/All
10mm O/P = 12mm O/A

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