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We have the ability to laser cut Aluminium sheet metal in thicknesses between0.7mm – 20mm.

In its pure form, aluminium is easily worked and possesses a high level of corrosion resistance but its low strength reduces the applications for which it is suitable. When alloyed, however, aluminium becomes an extremely versatile and widely used material, improved strength, corrosion resistance, ductility, workability, weldability and machinability are all possible.

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We laser cut Aluminium in these grades

1050 Aluminium

Where moderate strength is required, 1050 aluminium is a popular choice. This alloy of aluminium also has high levels of corrosion resistance, high ductility, and a highly reflective finish.

1050 Aluminium is also very suitable for soldering, welding (Arc and Gas), as well as being very workable.

1050 Aluminium laser cut components have applications in chemical process plant equipment, lamp reflectors, food industry containers and architectural flashings.

5251 Aluminium
5083 Aluminium
6082 Aluminium

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