We service many businesses that operate in the automotive industry. These businesses range from specialising in classical car restoration, to bespoke off-roading equipment as well as mainstream manufacturers.

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Why Laser Cutting?

Lasers are able to create intricate, highly reproducible components in an efficient and consistent manner. This is of particular importance to the automotive industry with modern cars consisting of over 30,000 components on average, and 220,000 cars being produced a day! The importance of having a reliable, repeatable and efficient process can't be understated.

The automotive industry is a large consumer of laser cut components, and we have been proudly supplying the sector quality parts since 2003!


The finish and precision that our fibre lasers are able to produce increase the quality of the end product and reduce material waste. Many of the components that we create require further processes, which is why the smooth finish and accuracy of a laser is of particular importance.

We understand the needs of the automotive industry, having served the sector for over 17 years. From single part prototypes to large batch production, we can offer competitive lead times and prices!



The automotive sector demands materials with a whole range of properties. Weight, strength, durability and resistance to corrosion are among the many considerations. We are able to offer the cutting of laser cut components across a wide range of materials to suit any needs you may have.

Our lasers offer a consistent quality of cut and accuracy across any material grade and thickness, making it a great fit for automotive parts. Please see our materials pages for more information on what we can offer.

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