The retail and shop fitting and fixtures sector is one of particular importance to Central Laser Services. In 2003, our Managing Director made the swap from selling them to producing them!

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Our business started out by providing high quality and cost effective laser cut components to the retail sector.

Although our business has since grown to support many other industries, retail remains a mainstay of the parts that we produce.

Our decades of experience and knowledge of the needs and requirements of this industry makes us more than just a reliable laser cut component supply partner, but a source of expert advice on your projects!

Since 2003 our aim has always been to provide a fast, friendly and hassle-free laser cutting service. We believe the key to this is communication, and our team are always on hand to answer questions and guide you through the process!

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Central Laser Services, Park Farm Industrial Estate Redditch B98 7SN

Central Laser Services Ltd.
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Park Farm Industrial Estate
Redditch B98 7SN