We accept free-issued material to cut your components on

This can be a more cost-effective way of producing your parts, and it also gives you control of the material with which your components are made from.

For more information or advice,
Call us on 01527 520 355


Email us at

If you wish to free issue material to us, it must comply to the following criteria:

The material type, grade and gauge must be a listed item on our “Materials” pages. However if you do not find the material you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or on 01527 520 355 to speak with our team and discuss your enquiry further.

The sheet that is supplied must be of a standard rectangular size. The dimensions we regularly work from are:

2000mm x 1000mm

2500mm x 1250mm

3000mm x 1250mm

3000mm x 1500mm

The sheet(s) must not exceed our maximum cutting bed size of 3000mm x 1500mm.

The sheet(s) provided must be of a suitable quality to cut. Excess bow in the sheet or a heavily contaminated surface may cause you sheet to be rejected.

Delivery of the free-issued sheet(s) must be scheduled with one of our sales team and allow time for inspection before cutting.

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