Laser cutting has had a significant impact on transforming how the construction sector operates over the last few decades. It has solved the question of producing cost effective, high quality parts efficiently and quickly.

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Not unique to the construction industry, but particularly pertinent, construction companies have to make intelligent decisions regarding costs and productivity to remain competitive in an ever evolving landscape.

Laser cutting has often been turned to for the production of high volume parts for large scale projects as well as one-offs for bespoke and unique applications.

There is a diverse material demand within the construction sector with structural mild steel being the most popular, as well as stainless steel for applications requiring corrosion resistance.

We can offer an impressive thickness range across all materials that we cut, allowing for even more flexibility.


Since 2003 our aim has always been to provide a fast, friendly and hassle-free laser cutting service. We believe the key to this is communication, and our team are always on hand to answer questions and guide you through the process!

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