Central Laser Services make a large volume of laser cutting and construction. We have laser cut of commercial properties such as restaurants, hotels, shops, offices and shopping malls and home goods including private and social housing projects.

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We work very closely with our clients in the real estate and construction sectors to ensure that we tailor each part directly to its needs.

We understand very well that every single project is unique and requires a lot of planning.

To ensure a complete service experience, we also provide delivery of your parts.

We have a wide range of skills when working with the construction industry and we can produce footpaths, balustrades, decorative panels and works of art; signs, sections of stairs, public entrance doors, interior and exterior coverings, just to name a few!


Using laser cutting tools cut pieces of metal for single decoration and works of art, signs and paints, stairwells and balustrades, public entrance doors on round roofs and installation of exterior buildings.

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01527 520 355

Central Laser Services

Central Laser Services Ltd.
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