Our laser cutting process is highly automated, we run a combination of Trumpf 5030 8KW machines, PalletMaster Tower and LiftMaster Compact. The TruLaser 5030 fiber, TruLaser 5040 fiber and TruLaser 5060 fiber impress with their high processing speed and reproducible, high part quality – even for complex contours.

Trumpf L68 5030 8Kw Fibre Optic Laser

We have four Trumpf 5030 8KW Tru Disc 2D laser cutting machines which run 24 hours a day.

Clever assistant systems make the complete machining process more productive and reliable than ever.

Operator involvement is low; non-productive times are minimal.



3 x 1.5 m sheet metal processed extremely quickly and economically

Cuts a wide range of materials and thicknesses to a superior finish

High laser power for the economical processing of thick sheet metal

TRUMPF also makes the processing of film-coated sheets possible

Smart nozzle automation ensures a high quality of nozzle – even in fully automatic operation

The nozzle design reduces nitrogen consumption by up to 70% – for twice the sheet throughput

Intricate cutting even in thick mild steel

Automatic nozzle changer and 3D scanner of the cutting nozzle to ensure a consistent optimum cut quality

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