We have the ability to LASER CUT STAINLESS STEEL sheet metal
in thicknesses between 0.7mm – 20mm.

Stainless Steels contain 10–20% chromium as their alloying element and are valued for their high corrosion resistance.

These steels are commonly used in medical equipment, piping, cutting tools, and food processing equipment.

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We laser cut stainless steel in these grades

304 stainless steel is a popular grade of austenitic (non-magnetic) stainless steel. 304 is composed of 18% chromium, 8% nickel, and small amounts of other elements such as Silicon and Manganese. 304 stainless steel can be severely deep drawn making it a dominant grade of material for use in applications such as sinks and saucepans.

Other applications of 304 stainless steel laser cut components include: Springs, screws, nuts and bolts, architectural panelling, brewery, food, dairy, and pharmaceutical production equipment as well as sanitary ware and troughs.

316 stainless steel has largely the same chemical composition as 304 stainless steel, however the differentiating component is the significant amount of molybdenum: typically, 2-3% by weight.

Molybdenum is a metal that is highly resistant to corrosion. The higher prevalence of molybdenum in 316 stainless steel is what gives it its higher resistance to pitting and corrosion in chloride environments. The austenitic structure of 316 stainless steel gives excellent toughness, even at cryogenic temperatures. It is also particularly suitable to marine applications.

316 stainless steel cannot be hardened by heat treatment but is readily formed and drawn. Typical uses for 316 stainless steel laser cut components include: Chemical and petrochemical equipment, coastal architectural panelling, coastal balustrading, boat fitting, chemical transportation containers, heat exchangers, and nuts and bolts.

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